The sea that thinks

DIENSTAG, 17. OKTOBER in der Schwankhalle.
Einlass ab 18 UHR.
Beginn um 19 Uhr.

FILM-TIPP des Festival-Teams: Dieser Film sucht Antworten auf die großen Fragen der Menschheit: Wer bin ich? Wie wirklich ist Wirklichkeit? Und: Wie werde ich glücklich? Der Film findet Antworten und hinterlässt die Zuschauer gleichzeitig mit noch mehr Fragen. Der Regisseur Gert de Graaf ist ein Meister der Dekonstruktion seines eigenen Films und unser aller vermeintlicher „Realität“.

THE SEA THAT THINKS is a surprising film about itself. A film brimming with twists and turns and new angles. It focuses on Bart, a scriptwriter who is writing the script for this film. In the film, Bart himself plays the scriptwriter writing the script of ‚the sea that thinks‘. He types what he does and does what he types.

In his film, he finds the answer to the urgent question: how do we become happy? He uses stunning examples to show us that our world is only to be found in our consciousness. What is real and what is illusion? Do we believe in our dream world while we dream? Do we believe in the reality of film while we see it? And why? His combination of pictures and text has a hypnotic effect on the viewer. It provides an exciting, dislocating and humorous adventure.

Then it becomes apparent that the film is not about this tormented scriptwriter at all. In a game filled with optical illusions and continually changing points of view, the surprised viewers gradually find out they are looking at themselves: how do I observe? What do I assume to be true? What do I think I see? What do I think I am? The viewer turns out to bear a striking similarity to the sea that thinks it’s a Tree.

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100 Min. Sprache: Niederländisch mit deutschem Untertitel.
Gert de Graaf. 2000.